Tips For 5k Prepping From a Newbie

tips for 5k

If you personally know me, you would know that I really dislike running. I had no prior fitness background, I just dabbled at the gym here and there. I started CrossFit (Check out How CrossFit Changed My Life here) for a little less than a year but wanted to check off running a 5k from my bucket list in 2017. I signed up two months prior to make myself commit to the goal. In my mind, that is the first step to accountability. Once I signed up and paid for the registration fee, I knew I wouldn’t be able to back out. So here’s my tips for 5k prepping from a newbie point of view. You could take these tips with a grain of salt.

I approached training lightly by running and when I mean running, I really mean jogging, a few miles a week. I’m not going to lie, I procrastinated a bit and waited until 3 weeks before the 5k to officially train for it. We did a workout of the day at the CrossFit gym and tested out our quickest one mile run. My goal was to get it under ten minutes and I succeeded with a whopping 9 minutes and 27 seconds; better than I thought I was going to do. I started training a few times a week on top of going to CrossFit 6 days a week. Truthfully, it should’ve been more but I was slacking off.

My Quick Fix Goal:

  • 1 mile a day for 6 days for the first week.
  • 2 miles per day for 5 days for the second week.
  • 3 miles a day for 3 days for the third week.
  • Week 4 I’ll be prepared and ready for the 5k, hopefully.

What actually happened:

  • 1 mile a day for 3 days for the first week.
  • 1 mile a day for 4 days for the second week.
  • 1 mile a day for 4 days for the third week.
  • Fourth week, felt under prepared but better than not training at all.

Due to the lack of training and only three weeks to prepare, when the day actually came, I really didn’t feel ready at all. I still felt like I lacked the stamina and endurance I needed for long distance running. On the day of the race, I was so nervous. Thankfully I had a great support team; a couple of friends and my husband who were running with me. They were doing this run with me since it was my first 5k. I forewarned them that I will be slowing them down so they could run ahead without me; they were so encouraging and ran with me the whole time. Thank you guys!

5k run 2
My Support Team

We did a warm up before the run which was fun; then the real fun began. The whistle blows and off we go. There were all types of runners of all shapes, sizes, and ages. The first mile was easy breezy since I was preparing for it the last few weeks. However, once I got to mile 2, I could feel my lungs burn, my calve and ankle muscles tighten, and my heart beating hard. I slowed down a little bit to catch my breath but my main goal was not to stop jogging. I continued and it felt like the longest second mile ever. Finally, we reached mile three, I still kept going surprisingly. I noticed others were doing the run then walk method which I really wanted to join but I said to myself, “no, don’t stop jogging.”. The final stretch came, we got over a small hill and I saw what I thought was the finish line and started dashing towards it; come to find out, it wasn’t the finish line, I thought I was going to collapse at that moment because I exhausted myself for no reason. I had another 400 meters before I actually reached the finish line. I kept trekking along and finally made it to the finish line! Got my medal and collapsed with joy and pain.

5k run
I finally did it! Got my first 5k medal! If I can do it, anybody can!

Next time I would prepare myself a little better and give myself more time but I’m glad I got to check this off the bucket list for 2017.

My Prepping Goal Next Time:

  • Give myself 2 months to prepare and practice consistently and on schedule.
  • Jog a mile a day for 3 days for the first week. (M-W-F)
  • Jog a mile a day for 5 days for the second week. (M-T-W-T-F)
  • Jog two miles a day for 3 days for the third week. (M-W-F)
  • Jog two miles a day for 5 days for the fourth week. (M-T-W-T-F)
  • Jog three miles a day for 3 days for the fifth week. (M-W-F)
  • Jog three miles a day for 5 days for the sixth week. (M-T-W-T-F)
  • Jog three miles for 5 days for the seventh week. (M-T-W-T-F)
  • Jog three miles for 3 days for the eighth week. (M-T-W)
  • Rest two days before the 5k
5k run 3
Got my first medal!

Thanks for reading,

Kimbodian Speaks

My jogging essentials:


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11 thoughts on “Tips For 5k Prepping From a Newbie

  1. Great read! My goal is to come in (at least) 3rd this year in a 5k walk with my daughter in the stroller. Last year, I walked my first 5k ever with her and came in 4th… so this year we’re going for that ribbon. Lol


  2. Well done! 👏👏👏👏👏. I know about running without prepping. I ran my very first 5k with zero prep. My colleague tricked and signed me up two weeks prior to the race and when the day came, I was so nervous but i told myself I’ll walk if it beacame hard. I felt like I was going to die in the first kilometre but I also kept moving my feet and boy was it great to see the finish line and I finished it in 28 minutes…I was so proud of myself. Now i’ve ran two half marathons. Indeed if I can do it, anyone can do it. Great post! Thanks for sharing


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